We enable companies to invest in

renewable energy generation.


We add 10% so you can become climate positive, not neutral!

We help your business measure and report on annual carbon emissions. Based on the assessment we determine the amount of megawatt hours of clean electricity required to offset your business’ emissions. We add 10% so you can become climate positive, not natural! You then select one of RO2 accredited energy partners to receive the investment required to generate the designated amount of electricity.

Currently focusing on geothermal heat power technology as it has a smaller carbon footprint.

We source trusted renewable energy providers around the world for our business investors. We are currently focusing on geothermal electricity. Manufacturing geothermal heat power technology has a smaller carbon footprint than other renewable energy sources and provides a reliable baseload power supply. There is a procurement fee upfront when businesses invest through RO2 and we take a small percentage fee each year when dividends are returned to investors.

Energy partners use funds from our investors to build sustainable infrastructure and generate clean energy.

Despite global recognition of the need to transition to more sustainable energy models, renewable energy providers struggle to access development capital. RO2 is changing this by accelerating investment in clean energy sources around the globe. Our energy partners use funds from our business investors to operationalize their facilities that generate electricity. Over time we will increasingly replace the need for more dirty fuel generation.

The electricity produced is sold to local grids, so it can power communities.

The electricity produced at our partner facilities is sold to local grids, so it can power homes and industry. A percentage of the proceeds from each sale is returned to RO2 and our business investors during a fixed term. At the end of the term, we return businesses’ full capital investment.